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How Do You Know If A Home Has "Good" Resale Value

                                  Whenever a homebuyer is in househunting mode, it's a frenzy of pouring over

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Should I wait Until Interest Rates Go Down?

By Robert Keilman, Real Estate Agent at Prodigy RealtyHere's the million dollar question - should I wait to buy a home until interest rates go down?  It does make sense though - get a mortgage

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Welcome to the Blog!

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my blog! Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a safe and happy time briniging in the new year. This year I have decided to be a little more transparent and

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Your Guide to Real Estate Opportunities in a Downturn Economy

 What moves should you be making in terms of buying or selling real estate during and after the coronavirus pandemic? We’re living in unprecedented times with the global coronavirus

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